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About Us

2Track Masters is dedicated to bringing new and exciting independent artists to reel-to-reel enthusiasts.

In the age of streaming, more and more artists are turning to 2Track Mastering for our expertise in bringing analog warmth and fullness to their digital recordings.

All of our albums are made on demand from the original unmastered stereo mixdowns and mastered directly to tape through an all analog signal chain.

We are not trying to be an "audiophile" label, although the albums we present are of exceptional quality.
Although all of our albums are mastered using analog processing direct to analog tape, most have been originally recorded and/or mixed with high-end digital systems. We believe this brings together the best of both worlds - the pristine and uncompromising accuracy of digital recording, and the classic sound profile and warmth of analog tape.

We record directly to ATR Magnetics tape at 355nWb/m using your choice of either CCIR (IEC1) or NAB (IEC2) equalization standards. Our 10.5" products are delivered on ATR aluminum NAB reels in plastic TapeCare cases, and 7" products on plastic ATR reels in standard hinged setup boxes.

Some albums because of their length are listed for sale on ATR Magnetics MDS-36 1.0mil long-play tape.
This is done when the album length is too long for ATR Master tape, but too short to fully justify splitting onto a second reel. ALL of our albums can be special ordered in a different configuration if you desire - just get in touch.