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Growing up in Lancaster, South Carolina, and raised primarily by his grandparents, Dramatic grew up in a household driven by gospel and choir music.
Always around music and musicians, the dramatic and rebellious child began rapping at the age of 10.
Rapping and music were like a great escape - being able to tell his story and make people smile and bob their head was a rush that made him fall deeply in love with hiphop music and culture.

By the age of 12, he had already recorded his first demo and the entire city quickly began to hear about the little kid called Derrick D, the lil' guy with the smooth flow and dope lyrics.
School was important, but not as much as writing his next rap or finding the next banging beat.
The magnetic pull of hip hop was so strong that inevitably Dramatic would choose a career in that direction.
Not long after graduating high school he was derailed from college and plunged into the music world full time - writing, rapping, and producing the next hotness was all he could think about.

After landing a deal with Capital Records, things began to seem like they were all falling into place - but contract disagreements and breach of contracts pulled
the rug out from under his early career. Despite spending time in studios and hot spots throughout SC, Atlanta, and New York, and sharing the stage with some of the biggest stars in the industry,
he struggled to find a solid foundation and thrive in the rap world.

He had the flow, the look, the sound, but there was still a missing ingredient.

After a failed marriage, 2 kids, and a lot of trying to do things his way, Dramatic gave his life to Christ. Being honest and transparent and trusting in God was the best feeling in the world for him.
In the early 2000s, Dramatic released his first Inspirational Hip-Hop album entitled “The Missing Ingredient”, a deeply personal explanation to his life.
It was Jesus Christ that was missing - and once he dedicated his life to Christ full-time, things began to turn around and line up for him.
Dramatic would go on to write, produce, and record 3 more studio albums which were all a great success.
Not only did Dramatic see his own life began to flourish, but his music was touching and inspiring people all over the world as well - he once got a handwritten letter
from a young man in Japan saying how grateful he was that Dramatic's music and ministry had touched his life.

Dramatic had seen the highs and lows both of the music game and life when he met his beautiful wife, Kelly.
For Dramatic, she was a piece missing for a long time - real love, honesty, understanding.

Soon after, Dramatic started his 5th studio album entitled “Born to Win”.
The album title is a reflection of overcoming the grief and disappointments he endured early in his life and rap career -
it is the voice in the crowd that that cuts through the screaming and yelling, laughing and crying, saying
"You can make it. You weren’t born to lose. You weren’t born to quit. You weren’t born to just exist. -- You were BORN TO WIN."

"Love one another, and always give Him all the honor, the glory, and the praise." --Dramatic

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