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Aaron LaCombe - Pictures of Ourselves TTM-ALC01

Aaron LaCombe - Pictures of Ourselves
Alt Country / Americana

Aaron's music is a unique blend of country and Americana, with reflectively insightful lyrics that spin stories like a master storyteller. On his latest album "Pictures of Ourselves", Aaron teams up with musicians Lee Chavez, Bruce Earl, Tricia Hamil, Sean Healen, Stephen James, James Mahler, Jack Pounds, Gabriel Rhodes, Danny Sanchez, and Steve Tice, to create a musical portrait gallery of modern life.

Due to the album length, "Pictures of Ourselves" will be offered on ATR Magnetics MDS-36 long-play 1.0mil tape to fit the album on a single reel.

Approximate Run Time: 44 minutes
Presented on ATR MDS-36 Tape

All tapes are made to order - current production time is approximately 2 weeks

All tapes include digital download with purchase

Track Listing

  1. Pictures of Ourselves
  2. Don't Worry
  3. Whole Bottle of Wine
  4. I'm Somebody Here
  5. Safety
  6. Feel Better
  7. That's How It Happened
  8. A Pair of Shovels and Some Lime
  9. Separate Ways
  10. Uncle Carl