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Polygrim - Colorspacious TTM-POL01

Polygrim - Colorspacious

Colorspacious is my attempt at creating a somewhat epic, atmospheric, mellow, organic yet synthesized opus. It is also my first full length album.
The sound of it may differ from the previous releases, because of tight self-imposed limitations, as well as an array of bizarre but wonderful coincidences during the sound design stage.

In the middle of 2019, for a new release I had come up with an idea:

What would it take to create an organic sounding but fully synthesized collection of songs?

By artificially limiting myself to use only synthesizers, effect units and recorded random objects, I tried to make unique, interesting and warm sounds. No sound libraries, real-world instruments, presets etc. This limitation forced me to look for the new ways I could go with sound design. Thus, each and every sound in the album had been created from an simple blip, tick, burst or even silence. An emphasized use of effect units allowed me to achieve somewhat organic-sounding parts. Self-oscillating filters for brass and woodwind-sounding instruments, distortion feedback for bass sounds, FM synths for drums, analog synths, convolution reverb effects and delay units for pianos.

I always had a strong desire to create a full length album. For a lot of reasons, making an album instead of singles or even EPs was the sure way to waste an energy and huge amount of time. But thinking in albums is a warm thing to me.

All in all, here's Colorspacious. My first concept album, with an organic idea in its core.

With love,
V. D.

Approximate Run Time: 60 minutes
Presented on 2 reels of ATR Master Tape

All tapes are made to order - current production time is approximately 2 weeks

All tapes include digital download with purchase

Track Listing

  1. Klopfgeist
  2. Magic Meadow Rush
  3. Worldly
  4. Oceanic
  5. Silverlines
  6. Thin Air
  7. Earnest Open Hearts
  8. Simple Things Are Warm Blankets
  9. Color Jungle
  10. Smear