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2sleepy - 4 the Next Day Remixes TTM-2SL01

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2sleepy- 4 the Next Day Remixes

4 The Next Day (Remixes) is a 4-track collection of remixes. It features artists from the modern Ukrainian downtempo scene: Tyupa, Polygrim, Diser Tape, and Neonknight. The cover art, as in the previous 2sleepy release, was created by American artist Ari Wolff.

”Tracks were reworked by our friends who share our approach and tastes in music. And, in our opinion, it resulted in the perfect mix of tender and dreamy electronics. Besides, when listening to this mini-album, it is perceived not like a collection of random tracks, but rather as a standalone piece of music"

Approximate Run Time: 27 minutes
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Track Listing

  1. Koty Let Me In (Tyupa Remix)
  2. Lava Field (Polygrim Remix)
  3. Heartache (Diser Tape Remix)
  4. Two Suns (Neonknight Remix)