2Track Masters


2Track Masters is happy to announce the next artist in our initial roster, Broken Statues

Broken Statues are Brendan Bormes (songwriter / multi-instrumentalist / vocalist), Stephen Stec (recording engineer / producer / percussionist) and Sarah Walker (vocalist).

in the winter of 2019 mr. statues found himself on the verge of a great journey that would take him far from his damp motherland NEPA. so he called his cousin and lifelong collaborator stephen, and the two decided to preserve some of brendan’s musings as an artifact of their years in the valley. just then sarah walker breezed in on a wave of ethereal alto that immediately sank into every corner of the album. jeff felkowski came by to sling his soaring telecaster riffs, emmy bormes belted some dinosaur-lungs soprano, and sarah stec played an impish flute. the result, i’m glad it was you, is a concise, poignant exploration of loss and the hope that precedes it. call it saccharine broadway-balladeering, brooding math-rock, trip-hop, sadcore, or jangling sylvan indie—you’d be right about all of that…

Check out their latest EP "I'm Glad It Was You" available soon on 2Track Masters Reel-To-Reel